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Campaign Advice, Do's and Don'ts.

The highway code is there for everyone and not just for drivers, it's there for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians alike and we all must obey it

Important Information to be read by ALL participants:


Our priorities are for a safe ride for all cyclists and to uphold and promote the

cause of the World Naked Bike Ride. We ask all participants to please read the following carefully. If you feel you are unable to accept

these restrictions then we would ask that you don’t attend the Folkestone World Naked Bike Ride. If you are reading this because you

are thinking of coming to the start/finish area not to participate but just because you “like seeing naked people

the police have been informed and have been asked to remove you. As with other WNBRs we expect to be photographed during the ride but not during our preparation before the ride.

ALL participants will ride a bicycle and are expected to be competent and confident when riding slowly in a group and when riding

close to other traffic. There will be no skaters, no skateboarders, no scooters, and no runners. Bicycles only. No face masks will be

worn but facial body paint is acceptable.

We are NOT a naturist group and there shall be NO naturist club or naturist organisation promotions.    

 We would hope that most of you who are not local will use public transport where possible.

The route contains several different road surfaces. By nature of the Town's road layout.

It is important that riders follow instructions of marshals escorting the ride. We each have a duty of care to

each other taking part in this demonstration and will ride carefully and with full attention to the space around and between us, the presence of motor vehicles and normal traffic signs and directions. We request that you ride sensibly and reserve the right to ask you to leave the ride or toask police to remove you from the ride if we consider you are a danger to the other riders.

Like other WNBRs we are required to have public liability insurance which is valid only for the duration of the ride (ie from the start until the ride is declared finished). This cover does not extend to any accidents or damage incurred between riders during the WNBR. If you have an accident with another rider you must exchange details as you would if riding alone on the roads. That is your responsibility. If damage and/or injury, or a mechanical breakdown to your bike forces you to leave the ride you must dress. All riders MUST carry clothing with them on theride and dress if they are forced to drop out of the ride for any reason.

If you have to stop for any reason during the ride please give warning to other riders and pull over to the side of the road. Do not suddenly stop in the centre of the pack of riders or dangerously cut in front of riders. Do not leave your bike to approach pedestrians if you are naked. This will be regarded as you choosing to leave the ride and police could take action against you. We will remain on our bikes and not walk pushing the bikes.

Respect other riders, especially if they choose to ride naked. We would prefer children not to participate due to the changing road conditions we will encounter, although younger children properly seated on their parent’s or guardian’s bike is acceptable. It is an offence to photograph children without their parent’s permission.

There are 2  rest stops scheduled during the ride. We will use the rest stops as an opportunity for quick refreshment and to take some photographs.

Riders wishing to take photographs must have their cameras secured to their bikes or securely hung around their necks. It will not be

acceptable for riders to carry a camera in their hand for the duration of the ride as the rider will not be in full and proper control of their bike and will be regarded by the police as a danger to other road users – including the other cyclists on the WNBR.

A special and important message to male participants: Should you become ‘aroused’, you WILL pull over to the side of the road and

cover yourself or dress immediately. We don’t expect to see any erections, nor do the public. They will not be tolerated by the marshals nor by the police. Be warned – that is your responsibility! The nudity in the WNBR is specifically to draw attention to how vulnerable cyclists are when riding alongside motor vehicles, not to draw attention to you as an individual. Nudity in the Folkestone WNBR is NOT an excuse for self-exhibitionism. If you wear any metal objects likely to cause or give the impression of an erection then it would be beneficial to remove it for the ride. We ride “as bare as we dare” simply to highlight that our skin is little protection against traffic or even the hard road surface.

The ride will end at the lower Leas Beach and after a short opportunity to cool down quick swim and take photographs we will dress, even if we intend to remain on the beach. There are many good pubs in the area for a drink after

Sorry to have to be so demanding – but this is what happens when a small minority betray the trust others put in them.

There has been a lot of hard work behind the scenes. We welcome you to the

seaside town of Folkestone and hope to welcome you back again at the next ride.

Thank you for supporting the aims of the World Naked Bike Ride.


please note

Never leave your clothes behind, always have some with you in case you break down etc and not all rides finish at the same place they started.




Make sure your bike is 100% road worthy

Always take some clothes when you are riding your bike in case you go astray or have to leave the ride and some rides do NOT have the same start and finish point so do NOT end up leaving your clothes at the start, best take some clothes in a back packor cycle box.

Don't forget the suncream, Soft drink (No Alcohol) and snack, bike repair kit and it's wise to take a first aid kit to.

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